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My husband, Jim, and I relocated to Solivita from Chicago suburbs nine years ago. In my past, I put together Million-dollar real estate deals. Now I want to put together a real estate deal in Solivita for you!

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About Me.

  My husband, Jim, and I relocated from the Chicago suburbs nine years ago. We have two daughters and three lovely grandchildren. We're so proud of our family and feel blessed that they are all wonderful and caring adults.

  While in Chicago, I worked in the commercial real estate industry for over 25 years. I managed portfolios for AT&T and FedEx. I negotiated multi-million-dollar leases, land and building sales and while it's fun to have the "Fortune 500" as your clients, the negotiations were long and complex. Then one day Disney came to town. Having vacationed in Florida for many years and being the owners of the Disney vacation club since 1998, I couldn't resist the temptation to join them and work in the vacation industry. Timeshare connotes a negative reaction, but Disney brought their reputation and respectability to it. After 5 years, Disney opted to close their Chicago location and for two years following I worked as the marketing director in an upscale Senior living community selling condominiums.

  But Disney wasn't through with me yet. They called again, but this time the opportunity required a move to the Sunshine State. We had already made three trips to Solivita and other communities. Moving to Solivita was a no-brainer. I continued my career with Disney until my retirement in 2019. 

  Here in Solivita I've enjoyed water aerobics, watercolor painting and the gym. I've also been active in the Solivita Travel Club where I am a tour coordinator for day trips and extended travel. For the next two years I'll serve as he vice-president and hope to bring more travel experiences and speakers for our 1,000 plus members to enjoy.

  Disney is a hard act to follow. They exemplify integrity and honesty and expect it from their cast members. This is why I feel so fortunate to have found San Wilson and Gold Key Associates. Like Disney, Gold Key puts honesty and integrity above all else, recognizing the need to provide this exemplary service to our community of friends and neighbors. In my past I put together million-dollar real estate deals, now I want to put together a real estate deal in Solivita for you.

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